Hjelpemiddelpartner – enabling active, independent living!

Hjelpemiddelpartner is a Norwegian supplier of welfare technology and innovative assistive devices.
The company was founded by the occupational therapist Thomas Falch Eide, who has many years’ experience from two of the leading suppliers of assistive technology in Europe.
Hjelpemiddelpartner offers solutions that enable more people to live active, independent lives, making life better for them, their families and healthcare staff.
Over the coming years, we aim to develop the industry’s most innovative range of welfare technology and assistive devices.

 Hjelpemiddelpartner and Welfare Technology
From autumn 2017, our products will be on display at Norway’s leading centres for welfare technology, including Innovatoriet in HortenAlmas Hus in Oslothe welfare technology laboratory at Bergen University Collegethe University College of Southeast Norway in Drammen and various public flats used to demonstrate new technology.
Please contact us if you would like a full list of the locations where our products are being exhibited.

 Hjelpemiddelpartner and Innovation
Our ambition is to be the most innovative supplier of healthcare technology in Norway. In order to achieve that, we are entering into long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs and developers of healthcare technology.
Hjelpemiddelpartner uses its expertise to ensure that the products genuinely work for the end users and are easily available to as many people as possible.
We currently receive funding from Innovation Norway to help us bring our new solutions to the market, as well as to enable us to engage in unique partnerships with various healthcare entrepreneurs.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an idea for a product or solution that can help more people to be active and independent!

Our vision
Most of us are lucky enough to be able to move around freely in our homes, in society and in the countryside, without being dependent on anyone else.
But what happens when our lives change and we no longer have that freedom?
Often we still have the same basic needs, but we require help to remain independent and active.
Our vision is to work hard to develop welfare technology and innovative assistive devices that enable more users to continue enjoying active lives, with greater independence and dignity.

Thomas Falch Eide 
Managing Director/Occupational Therapist